Androidgalaxys.net is a project that was born in June 2011.

Despite the young age, today androidgalaxys.net is a real point of reference for those who own a Samsung smartphone, as well as being among the first blogs dedicated to android in Italy.

Our goal is to help all owners of a top of the Samsung Android range to make the most of the technologies and services made available by this type of product.

In particular, within the site you will find guides, news, tricks and various curiosities concerning the entire Galaxy series, the most popular devices ever in the android world.

The contents included are all original and the result exclusively of our experience.

We remind you that Androidgalaxys.net is an independent site, absolutely not linked to Samsung or other companies.
Anyone wishing to get in touch with us can do so using the appropriate form found on the Contact page, through the comments and, a few weeks ago, also through our twitter channel.

The androidgalaxys.net staff

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