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What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files with a size of a few KB saved in the cache that contain information on the browsing session that the browser establishes with a particular website.

All cookies used by or by third-party services connected to it are to be considered absolutely safe.

Cookies can be of various types.

Types of cookies

Technical or strictly necessary cookies

This category includes all cookies that are essential to the website in order to function properly and allow users to view it without problems.

Functional cookies

All cookies that allow you to remember the choices made by the user within the site while browsing and automatically propose them again on your next visit (an example could be logging in in the comments area).

Performance cookies

These cookies collect, always in a completely anonymous way, information on how users use the website, on the pages of the site they open and possibly on the appearance of error messages.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are those used by various advertising services to try to offer users targeted advertising and promotions based on their interests.

Cookies used by this site

Cookie Purpose Type More information
Cloudflare Used for the Cloudflare LINK Technical Cache Service
Google Analytics Used to collect and consult access statistics to this Performance LINK site
Google Adsense – DoubleClick Google advertising service to offer targeted advertising messages LINK profiling
Criteo Criteo advertising service to offer targeted advertising messages LINK profiling
Twitter Used to share the page via Twitter Functional LINK
Facebook Used to share the page via Facebook Functional LINK
Google+ Used to share the page via Google+ Functional LINK
Disqus Used to comment on the articles of the Functional LINK site
How to manage or disable cookies
If you are against the use of cookies, know that you have the option to block them. To do this, you must appropriately configure the settings provided by the web browser you use for navigation.

However, consider that most web browsers use cookies and therefore by indiscriminately blocking their reception you may no longer be able to navigate correctly or be able to take advantage of all the functions supported by a given site.

Alternatively, a better method could be to browse anonymously, a feature now offered by almost all web browsers in circulation.

When you access our site you will see a banner at the bottom informing you that we use cookies. By clicking on the OK button or continuing to browse, you consent to the use of cookies.
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